The Lord Our Righteousness Church, also known as Strong City, is a 50 member strong cult in New Mexico that was originally a splinter Seventh-day Adventist church. Its leader, Wayne Bent (known as Michael Travesser within the cult), proclaims himself the son of God, and he follows the instructions of his heavenly father to the letter.

As British journalist Alex Hannaford would find out on his visits to the cult, several of these instructions turned out to involve subjects not viewed as appropriate by society at large. Especially those involving children.

The End of the World Cult investigates allegations by ex-cult members and asks tough questions of Wayne as it simultaneously document the coming and going of Wayne’s prophesied end of the world. What happened and how did the cult react? Watch to find out.

Post-production updates
After an April 22, 2008, investigation, three minor teens were taken from the compound by the state. Two weeks later, New Mexico State Police arrested Wayne and charged him with three counts of criminal sexual contact with a minor and three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Wayne was sentenced to 18 years (8 years suspended) in prison on December 15th, 2008. According to a 2009 news report, Wayne went on a hunger strike while serving his sentence. [source]

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