Henry VIII is one of the most iconic kings of all time. Part medieval tyrant, part enlightened renaissance man, he ruled as no king of England had ever done before and caused far reaching political and religious changes that are still felt today. By the end of his reign the power of the Tudor dynasty was absolute — but not without a terrible cost. Personally responsible for the death of two of his own wives, along with many of his closest friends and advisors, he is said to have ordered the execution of up to 72,000 Britons. His reign will go down as one of the bloodiest and yet most significant in English history.

In Inside the Court of Henry VIII we journey back into this remarkable story, visit the castles and palaces where Henry lived, examine the relics that still survive — the carvings, engravings and symbols that each tell part of the story of his court — and through expert interviews attempt to understand the reign of this colossus of England’s history — whose rule transformed a nation, and the world.

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