Sepp Holzer, an Austrian mountainside permaculturalist since before the term was invented, narrates the history and implementation of synergistic ideas that have caused his farm to arouse international attention. He has turned marginal, erosion-prone mountain lands with poor, acidic soils into a stable Eden on Earth with rich soils, high biodiversity, and high productivity — replacing expensive orthodox farming practices and materials with nature’s own solutions. Sepp’s farm utilizes agro-forestry, aquaculture, terraces and raised beds, water heat exchange, self-produced electricity, pig raising, and fish farming; all without toxic pesticides, herbicides, foreign imports, or having to buy off-site animal feed.

The Kramaterhof farm even has its own Mediterranean microclimate despite being 1500 meters up in the Austrian Tyrol, a region better known for its fine skiing opportunities.

Farming with Nature provides a treasure trove of techniques you can use in your own gardening or farming, but it’s worth watching even just for the fantastic and tranquil scenes.

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